Megan – Tallwood ’13

Get to know our senior models. Our featured senior for this post is Megan, a 2013 senior from Tallwood. As with many of my seniors, I first photographed Megan playing varsity sports. As a photographer for CBS, Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: 2012 Tallwood Powder Puff Football Game

2012 Tallwood Powder Puff Football Game
Seniors 24 – Juniors 12

Sami – Tallwood ’11

We started off Sami’s senior session at a little park in Virginia Beach (near Dam Neck Rd). Fortunately, Sami didn’t slip and fall into the water. We took a bunch of pictures and watched the baby ducks for while, before heading to the beach. Our beach session was held at Seashore State Park (First Landing). We had a blast during our session and captured some great video of Sami. Take a look at some of Sami’s pictures and don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post.

Marina – Tallwood

My first session with a student from Tallwood High School was with Marina, a 2010 senior.

First, we went to The Founders Inn and shot around the gardens. I love the architecture. Then, we went to the ocean front, right outside Fort Story. Despite the wind and darkness, we managed to get some great shots. Once we lost the light, we agreed that we should continue the session another day.

We met in Virginia Beach’s Town Center to finish the rest of Marina’s senior session. We had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.

Check out some of the pictures below and leave a comment or two about what you think of her senior session.