Megan – Kempsville ’12

The following photos are from Megan’s photo session. Megan, a senior at Kempsville, was great to work with. She was so funny and we had a blast with her and her mom. It was a hot day and the bugs were driving us crazy, but we were able to capture some great images. Don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post to see more photos from her session.

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you about Megan’s senior session.

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Amanda – Ocean Lakes ’12

Get to know my senior models. Today’s senior is Amanda, a senior from Ocean Lakes HS . . .
After our studio session with Amanda, we knew we’d have a blast during our outside session and we were right. She was so much fun Continue Reading →

Bryce – Kellam ’12

Get to know my senior models. Today’s senior is Bryce . . .
After seeing the photos and finding more about Bryce, don’t forget to watch her music video at the end of the post.

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Dallas – Kellam ’11

Dallas is a Class of 2011 senior from Kellam.

We had a great time with Dallas during her photo session. She chose Sandbridge as her location. I have a lot of fun shooting under the pier at Little Island. I was a little worried at first because the session was scheduled for a Saturday and there were so many people at the beach. Since it was later in the day, most of the crowd had left and we were able to shoot with no problems. The sun was hidden by the clouds, but we had fun with Dallas and her mom.

I’ve posted a few photos from her senior session below. Take a look at her music video for additional photos from Dallas’ photo shoot.

Jake – Western Branch ’11

Jake was my first senior guy for the class of 2011 and my first senior from Western Branch.

Jake wanted a location that was different than the ordinary studio session. As a musician, he wanted something that would look great with his drum kit. We found a perfect spot, under a bridge, where Jake set everything up. We played around with the lighting and we took some cool shots.

There are a few of Jake’s photos from his senior session below, along with his music video.

A special thanks goes out to his mom, dad & sister (Leah) for helping carry his drum kit. We also look forward to taking Leah’s senior pictures in a few years.

Haley – Catholic ’11

Haley is my first senior from Catholic High School (Bishop Sullivan).

Like a lot of my seniors, I first photographed Haley playing sports. She plays varsity soccer for Catholic.

We were rained out of our first session, but our second appointment went great. The weather gave us a gorgeous day for shooting. We met Haley and her sister at a beach off of Shore Dr. She was great to work with and she brought her surf board for some fun sunset shots.

I’ve posted a few images below, along with her music video. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on Haley’s senior session.

Brooke – Hickory ’11

Brooke is another senior from Hickory. I have to thank Sarah for telling her fellow seniors about me.

To begin the session, we met Brooke and her mom at Redwing Park. The Japanese Gardens provide a nice background and there was plenty of grass for her cheerleading poses. It’s a good thing I’m a photographer and not a cheerleader. I couldn’t get my leg all the way up like Brooke. We had a blast with Brooke and we were even able to get her to master the “soft smile” as her sister Brittany calls it.

Afterwards, we went to the beach, off of Shore Dr. to finish her senior session. Because of the clouds, we didn’t get a nice sunset, we were still able to get some great photos.

I’ve included some of Brooke’s images from her senior session and in her music video at the bottom of the post.

Casey – Kellam ’11

Casey is another one of my seniors from Kellam. She is one of the captains of the cheerleading squad.

We started off Casey’s senior session at Indian River Plantation. The middle of the neighborhood is beautiful and provides some great backgrounds for photos. Next, we went to Sandbridge for some beach shots at Little Island. It was a great time with Casey and her mom & dad. She was fun to be around and we took some great photos at the beach.

You can see some of her photos posted below. Watch her music video to see more photos from Casey’s senior session.

Doris – Hickory ’11

Doris is another one of my seniors from Hickory. I first photographed her when she was the junior quarterback in last year’s Powder Puff football game.

Because of Doris’ work schedule and the seniors I had on my schedule, we could never find a date that worked for both of us. She really wanted some pictures at the beach with a nice sunset behind her.

I had a few model sessions over the summer, with a photographer friend (Will King). We had shot early in the morning, at the oceanfront. Since Doris and I couldn’t find the time for a sunset session, we decided to shoot in the morning. She was my first senior at sunrise. It couldn’t have worked more perfectly. We had a great time with Doris & her mom and we captured some great images. I really enjoyed shooting in the morning (other than having to get up so early).

Take a look at some of her photos below and don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post. Leave a comment with your thoughts and feel share to share the link.

Courtney – Landstown ’11

Courtney is another one of my seniors who I first shot playing sports. Courtney is a varsity softball player at Landstown High School.

We started our session at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk. It was a hot day, but we survived. We had a lot of fun and Courtney was up for trying some different things. Afterwards, we headed to Seashore State Park (First Landing) for some beach shots and hopefully a nice sunset. Because of clouds, we didn’t get a nice sunset, but we had a great time anyway. For one of our shots, Courtney stood on top of a five foot wall, in heels. You could see the wind rocking her back and forth, but she didn’t fall and it was definitely different.

You can see a few of her pictures from our session below. Don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post.