Sarah – Hickory ’16 {senior spokesmodel}

Get to know our senior models. Our 1st featured senior for the class of 2016 is Sarah, a senior from Hickory high school in Chesapeake. Continue Reading →

Video: Hickory 2016 Senior Models

We took our 2016 senior models from Hickory for a sun filled afternoon at the beach. We captured some great images & video. Living near the beach gives us some great locations Continue Reading →

Helen - Beach

Sneak peek: Helen {Hickory}

Despite the recent heat wave and all the rain we had, we have blessed with some gorgeous sunsets. During our senior session with Helen, one of our 2016 Senior Models, we were Continue Reading →

Alissa – Hickory ’15 {senior spokesmodel}

Get to know our senior models. Our featured senior for today is Alissa, a 2015 senior from Hickory. Alissa was our first Continue Reading →

Hunter – Hickory ’13 (senior spokesmodel)

Our first 2013 senior model from Hickory is Hunter. She was recommended to us from a current 2012 senior model from Hickory – Ally. Continue Reading →

Ally – Hickory ’12

Get to know my senior models. Today’s senior is Ally . . .
I first had the opportunity to photograph Ally during Hickory’s powder puff game. The game was great and everyone had a fun time. During Ally’s senior session, she was accompanied by her sister (Taylor) and her mom and dad. We had a blast during her session and it continued on into her studio session. The Smiley family was phenomenal and Penny and I were glad to have met them. The music video at the end of the post has more photos & video from Ally’s senior session. Continue Reading →

Brooke – Hickory ’11

Brooke is another senior from Hickory. I have to thank Sarah for telling her fellow seniors about me.

To begin the session, we met Brooke and her mom at Redwing Park. The Japanese Gardens provide a nice background and there was plenty of grass for her cheerleading poses. It’s a good thing I’m a photographer and not a cheerleader. I couldn’t get my leg all the way up like Brooke. We had a blast with Brooke and we were even able to get her to master the “soft smile” as her sister Brittany calls it.

Afterwards, we went to the beach, off of Shore Dr. to finish her senior session. Because of the clouds, we didn’t get a nice sunset, we were still able to get some great photos.

I’ve included some of Brooke’s images from her senior session and in her music video at the bottom of the post.

Doris – Hickory ’11

Doris is another one of my seniors from Hickory. I first photographed her when she was the junior quarterback in last year’s Powder Puff football game.

Because of Doris’ work schedule and the seniors I had on my schedule, we could never find a date that worked for both of us. She really wanted some pictures at the beach with a nice sunset behind her.

I had a few model sessions over the summer, with a photographer friend (Will King). We had shot early in the morning, at the oceanfront. Since Doris and I couldn’t find the time for a sunset session, we decided to shoot in the morning. She was my first senior at sunrise. It couldn’t have worked more perfectly. We had a great time with Doris & her mom and we captured some great images. I really enjoyed shooting in the morning (other than having to get up so early).

Take a look at some of her photos below and don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post. Leave a comment with your thoughts and feel share to share the link.

Kelsey – Hickory ’11

Kelsey is our second field hockey player from Hickory and she was just as fun to shoot with as our first (Sarah B).

We started our session in Norfolk, at the Botanical Gardens. We had a great time and Kelsey looked great in her formal dress. After manuvering around various wedding photographers at the gardens, we left for the beach. There weren’t any wedding photographers at the beach to manuver around, but there were plenty of fishermen we had to dodge. We had a blast at the beach and Kelsey even got in the water at the end of her session. We had a great sunset and captured some beautiful images.

Take a look at a few of Kelsey’s pictures below and don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post.

Samantha – Hickory ’11

We had a great time during Samantha’s senior session. Samantha, is a 2011 senior from Hickory high school.

We started our session at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk. The flowers provided great backgrounds for our pictures. We had a blast with Samantha, her mom & dad, and her little brother. Afterwards, we drove to Virginia Beach and captured some great pictures as the sun was setting. A few of the photos from Samantha’s session are posted below. The music video from her session is at the bottom of the post.

During breaks in shooting, we were able to get some footage of Samantha’s little brother at the gardens & the beach. We made a short video for Hunter. Take a look and help Hunter increase his number of ‘views’. 😀 Here’s the link: Hunter’s Big Adventure