Senior Info

9875 Morgan

It’s your senior year, you’ve made it at last and everything will be perfect. Everything, including your senior photographs. Yes, gone are the days of those tiny, generic yearbook photographs. Those are for the underclassmen. You are a senior now and only the best will do.

Our goal is to give you just what you deserve, the best. We understand how important your senior photographs are. You will stand above all of the rest, not only because you are a senior, but because your senior pictures will be the best. We strive to capture what a lot of others can’t see – the real you. We will not settle for the generic cookie cutter photos that some other photographers take. We know that years from now you will look at your senior photographs and you will see someone with style, someone with class. Because when it came to choosing a senior portrait photographer you went with the very best and selected us.

Dan loves doing photography sessions with high school seniors. We have several session choices to fit everyone’s needs. Our Experience Session ‘Model for a Day’ will give you a senior session that will definitely be unique and different than your friends. This over 4 hour session with multiple locations and multiple clothing changes will give you a great variety of poses.

For all our sessions, we go all over Norfolk, Virginia Beach and many other locations in the 757 area. We continue to look for new, never used before locations, but we will continue to use the ones loved by previous seniors.

Our site has samples of the fun style that we offer. I’m sure you’ll see photographs that include many of your friends and these samples will give you an idea of what your photographs will be like.

Look at our samples, read about our collections and feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks for looking!

2022 Makayla

The session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer only and does not include prints, digital files or other items.

Basic: 30 minutes . . . Studio . . . 2 outfits . . . $65
Designed primarily for our guys who don’t need a lot of outfits or time, but still want the maximum in quality, and selection.

Image Session: 2 hours . . . 1-2 locations . . . 5-6 outfits . . . $155
(add ‘Trash the Dress’ for $49)
Designed for seniors that want different looks, different outfits and lots of fun!

Experience Session : 4 hours . . . 2-3 locations . . . unlimited outfits . . . $269
(includes ‘Trash the Dress session. Superstar collection purchase required)
Be a model for a day. You get the maximum number of looks, outfits and choices. The ‘Trash the Dress’ session will give the senior something totally different from anyone in the area.

Storybook Session : 6 hours . . . 5-6 locations . . . unlimited outfits . . . $375
(includes ‘Trash the Dress session. Superstar collection purchase required)
Be a model for more than a day. This is session is split into 2 days, 3 hours each. Designed for seniors who want the most unique senior experience available anywhere. Past seniors have used the 2 days to have completely different looks (straight hair for one, curled the other). Others have had pictures taken during the summer, then another session in the fall. The cooler weather allows for a completely different style of clothes. Of course, the ‘Trash the Dress’ session is included to get those gorgeous sunset images with the sun providing a beautiful backdrop.

Coming Soon: The Safari Session – will include studio, trash the dress, around town and more. Ask for details.

Session Add-ons:

5058 Kathleen TTD

Just Add Water Sessions

Trash the Dress –
Reserve your best formal dress or not. With this session add-on, we use the last part of your session to create beautiful images in the water or the mud. Anything goes! Despite the name, your dress does not get trashed. Even the finest formals survive ready to wear again or sell (after cleaning). $49

1199 Haley

Our portraits reveal the inner beauty & personality of the seniors we photograph. Your photos are timeless memories. They are heirlooms for future generations to come. Pricing in our portraiture services start at $65 for sitting fees.

We don’t have a minimum order. Our families & clients spend from anywhere from $600 to $2700 or more. It really depends on what you want. Our average order is between $900 – $1300. Our families want to remember their senior experience with a nice variety of items from their sessions. Many add high resolutions files, DVD movies, enlargements/, wall portraits, graduation announcements, coffee table albums, etc. Our most popular item after wall portraits – your very own phone app with your own images! These additional products raise the averages higher.

We are not the the most expensive photographer around, but because we do such a phenomenal job on our portraits, clients tend to spend a little more. When your senior pictures are the hottest images in your school, you can’t help but want more! We are a small family business that loves our clients.

6332 Haylee

1) Choose a session that works best for you. Make sure you select a session with enough time to get all the different looks that you want.

2) Check your schedule, get a couple of dates that work for you and your parents.

3) Get a credit card ready. Your session fee is required when you schedule your appointment.

4) Call 757-560-3399 and schedule your appointment as soon as possible to get the best times available. After booking your session, we’ll send you a planning guide that gives tips to help you prepare for your session.

5) Go shopping early. Get all of your outfits.

6) Don’t make last minute changes to hair style or color. Give yourself time to make sure you like it.

7) Girls – nails, eyebrows, touch up the tan.

8) Pack up all your the stuff the night before. Put outfits on hangars with jewelry, etc.

9) Get a good nights sleep.

10) Get your make-up done

11) Show up for your session on time and be ready to have fun!!