Loren – Photo Session

When I’m not out on the field photographing varsity sports or shooting the next group of seniors, I like to shoot with models. Whether it’s an experienced model or someone new to modeling looking to start their portfolio, it’s always a lot of fun. We get to try different concepts and some of the outfits/shoes are really great.

Here is an image from a recent photo session with Loren. We had a lot of fun during her studio session. For the cool effect in her eyes, I used a ring light. More photos of Loren will be posted in her own Facebook gallery on my profile page.

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Winter Weather

With a low temperature of 32 degress last night, it’s making many miss the warm weather we experience during the summer months. In memory of those warm, fun-filled beach days, I’ve posted a few photos from a model session last summer. The first day of summer (June 20) is so far away, I’ll be happy when spring gets here.

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