Alissa – Hickory ’15 {senior spokesmodel}

Posted on November 29, 2014

Get to know our senior models. Our featured senior for today is Alissa, a 2015 senior from Hickory. Alissa was our first outdoor senior session this year from her class.

We had her studio session earlier in the year. We had a great time with Alissa and her mom during her photo shoot. It was a beautiful day and we went to First Landing State Park. We love shooting there because there is a big variety of backgrounds to use – all in one place. Alissa is also a member of Hickory’s great band/guard and she brought her flute along for some pictures. We had a gorgeous sunset off the Chesapeake Bay and it was a perfect backdrop for Alissa’s trash the dress session.

Later in the year, Alissa had a cameo in one of our video highlights during the bands performance at a halftime show. She was also featured in an interview from our video package about senior night at Hickory for our Cox Cable channel. She was also the one that got Penny and I to try Chipotle for the first time. The chicken burrito was good! Thanks Alissa for letting us be a part of your senior year!

You can see a few photos from Alissa’s photo sessions below. Don’t forget to read her answers to a few light-hearted questions we ask our senior reps. You might find out something you didn’t know about her. Feel free to leave a comment.

my school: Hickory

my nickname/what my friends call me: Lissa/Liss

my favorite beverage: Sweet tea

my favorite web sites are: Twitter, Pinterest

my current favorite song is: Anything from the Les Mis soundtrack

the person I would like to meet: Dave Franco

the magazines that I secretly love are: Seventeen, Teen Vogue

the last meal I made was: Chicken nuggets

my biggest accomplishment in high school so far: SAT scores

my dream job is: Lawyer

an unusual talent that I have is: I can sleep until 5pm if I have no alarm set

my favorite things in my closet are: my Jack Rogers

the 2 most important things in a great friendship: Honesty and compassion

in 10 years I see myself: As a cat lady

i’m excited about having my senior portraits done by dan trevino because (shameless plug): I saw some girls older than me that had their portraits done by him and I loved Dan’s style and instantly knew I wanted him to do my senior portraits

if I were on a deserted island, the 2 things I would want with me are: A bed and lifetime supply of food

i’m most nervous about my senior year because: Applying to college is stressful, especially because I’m only applying to one college

the top 3 things i’m looking forward to for my senior year are: Hopefully getting accepted to CNU, prom, and graduation

my most embarrassing moment: my whole life is one embarrassing moment after another lol

senior year is such a big deal because: You have to make huge decisions that effect your future, like what college you want to go to

3 things no one knows about me: I love being alone and I’m one of those people that enjoys eating at restaurants or food courts by myself, sitting in a court room for hours straight is my idea of fun, and I’m obsessed with Rhode Island and I plan on living there

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