Meghan – Kellam ’14 {senior spokesmodel}

Posted on August 17, 2013

Get to know our senior models. Our featured senior for today is Meghan, a 2014 senior from Kellam. As with many of my seniors, I first met Meghan while covering football games for CBS & Cox Cable as she cheered on the Knights. She was recently selected as a captain on the cheerleading squad.

We had so much fun with Meghan during her studio and outdoor session. She was great to work with and it was nice spending time with her mom as well. For her outdoor session, we shot on the beaches off of Shore Drive. With the Chesapeake Bay in the background, it provided a perfect backdrop for beach photos, along with her trash the dress session. Thank you Meghan for letting us be a part of your senior experience!

Take a look at a few photos from Meghan’s photo sessions. Don’t forget to read her answers to a few questions we ask our senior reps. You might find out something you didn’t know and and feel free to leave a comment.

my school: I attend Kellam High School

my nickname/what my friends call me: Some of my friends call me Megs or Meggy, but I mainly just go by Meghan

my favorite beverage: Anything Starbucks or water, haha

my favorite web sites are: Either Instagram or Twitter, I am a typical 17 year old girl, haha

my current favorite song is: Clouds by Zach Sobiech

the person I would like to meet: Keith Urban, Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, or Blake Mycoskie

the magazines that I secretly love are: I really don’t like magazines. I’m more of a books kind of girl

the last meal I made was: I made grilled chicken and salad for lunch

my biggest accomplishment in high school so far: Getting accepted into the Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow program for my junior year. Despite the fact that I don’t want to be a teacher, at all, I still love children and being apart of the VTfT program gave me the opportunity to work with then first hand and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world!

my dream job is: I want to become an orthodontist

an unusual talent that I have is: I can say the ABC’s backwards

my favorite things in my closet are: My 34 and counting collection scarves

the 2 most important things in a great friendship: Honesty and trustworthiness

in 10 years I see myself: As a married dental hygienist, who is starting her family and finishing up their last year in medical school to become a certified orthodontist

i’m excited about having my senior portraits done by dan trevino because (shameless plug): Dan is just an amazing guy and photographer! Him and his wife Penny really go above and beyond to ensure that you have an amazing and memorable experience!

if I were on a deserted island, the 2 things I would want with me are: My tooth brush and toothpaste, haha

i’m most nervous about my senior year because: It’s already here. I feel like I was just entering my first day of freshman year, and now high school is quickly coming to an end. I’m also nervous about picking where I want to go to college

the top 3 things i’m looking forward to for my senior year are: 1) the entire experience of college picking 2) my senior knight for cheerleading 3) moving into the new Kellam

my most embarrassing moment: In 8th grade, we were running around the track before cheerleading practice, and another cheerleader tripped me right in front of the entire football team

senior year is such a big deal because: It’s the ending to a new beginning. We’ve worked 13 years to get to this point in our lives, and we are presented with so many new opportunities that can potentially effect our future and the rest of our lives

3 things no one knows about me: Well, my friends know we pretty well! They wouldn’t be try friends if they didn’t. But three facts about me in general would be 1) When I was five, my appendix ruptured and I had an emergency operation to save my life 2) I am a tad OCD. For example, I hate odd numbers, expect for seven, and sometimes, when I go over to a friends house, I’ll start to clean their room and 3) I am addicted to Starbucks

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