2014 Senior Spokesmodels

Posted on April 28, 2013

“What is a spokesmodel?”… you ask. A spokesmodel for Dan Trevino Photographer is a family member into our business. You must be someone who believes in our style of photography (refer to our website HERE) and is willing to spread the good news about professional photography and services to their friends. For those efforts we reward you with incentives and discounts on your pictures for helping grow our business. We do not spend a lot of extra money on sending out mailers or many other conventional forms of advertisement. We believe in people and the power of “word of mouth” advertising. So we sink a lot of money into very cool incentives for our spoksmodels.

Another great advantage to our spokesmodel program is it is limited. We do not believe in having 10 or more spokesmodels from the same school hustling around trying to get referrals. We limit our spokesmodels for each school, not to be “snooty” but to be fair to each one of you. Since there are discount incentives involved, we love having your parents involved too. They like saving money and you like great pictures so we are here to please you both! Below is our list of schools still open for spokesmodel positions and our application. If you are interested, let us know. First, ask your parents, second fill out the application. From there we will be in contact very, very soon!

Senior Model Application

Our list of schools still open:
Atlantic Shores, Bayside, Bishop Sullivan (limited), Broadwater (limited), Cape Henry (limited), Cox (limited), First Colonial (limited), Gloucester (limited), Grassfield (limited), Great Bridge (limited), Green Run, Hickory (limited), Indian River (limited), Kellam (limited), Kempsville (limited), Lake Taylor, Maury, Norfolk Academy, Landstown (limited), Ocean Lakes (limited), Oscar Smith, Princess Anne (limited), Salem (limited), Tabb, Tallwood (limited), Western Branch (limited)

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