Megan – Tallwood ’13

Posted on July 3, 2012

Get to know our senior models. Our featured senior for this post is Megan, a 2013 senior from Tallwood. As with many of my seniors, I first photographed Megan playing varsity sports. As a photographer for CBS, I have the privilege of covering varsity sports in the 757 area. On a side note, starting in August, I will also be producing video highlights for MaxPreps & Cox OnDemand. I’ve covered Megan playing soccer and in Tallwood’s recent Powder Puff football game.

We began her photo shoot at a local park as Megan and her family brought their two Great Danes. As owners of a Dane ourselves, we were looking forward to seeing Manchester & Beckham. We had a great time. Afterwards, we went to the beach for more photos and ended Megan’s session with a trash the dress session. Penny captured some great video that we’ll use in Megan’s video.

Take a look at a few photos from Megan’s session, including a studio favorite. Don’t forget to read her answers to a few questions we ask our senior reps. You might find out something you didn’t know and and don’t forget to leave a comment.

my school: Tallwood

my nickname/what my friends call me:Meg

my favorite beverage: Dr. Pepper

my favorite web sites are:

my current favorite song is: I took a walk by passion pit

the person I would like to meet: He-who-must-not-be-named

the magazines that I secretly love are: Cosmo and Vogue

the last meal I made was: spinach and sausage tortellini soup

my biggest accomplishment in high school so far: making varsity soccer for 3 years running and looking forward to number 4

my dream job is: a chemistry teacher

an unusual talent that I have is: I can make pig noises with my mouth closed.

my favorite things in my closet are: my oversized sweaters

the 2 most important things in a great friendship: honesty and communication

in 10 years I see myself: out of college with a masters in Biochemistry, starting my career, and looking to get married

i’m excited about having my senior portraits done by dan trevino because (shameless plug): It’s fun and I can be myself in my senior photos, plus he makes me look super good [:)]

if I were on a deserted island, the 2 things I would want with me are: Manny and Becca

i’m most nervous about my senior year because: everything is riding on Virginia Tech

the top 3 things i’m looking forward to for my senior year are: prom, powderpuff, and winning the spirit stick finally

my most embarrassing moment: went up for a header in an all-boys soccer game and shrieked when the guy and i touched because he was so sweaty. I then went on tip-toe and screamed, “Ew ew ew ew” with all the other guys watching… He apologized to me later.

senior year is such a big deal because: You never see your friends walk the same halls with you ever again.

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