Sarah – Kellam ’13 (senior spokesmodel)

As we get closer to wrapping up our 2012 seniors, we are looking ahead to our next group of seniors – the class of 2013.

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Taylor – Kempsville ’12

One of my 2012 seniors is Taylor, from Kempsville. As with many of my seniors, I first photographed Taylor playing sports. The sport of choice is softball. I’ve taken action shots from rec league to travel ball to varsity. After all these years, I’m priviledged to be Taylor’s senior photographer.

For Taylor’s session, we started of at the Botanical Gardens and finished at the beach with a great sunset. We had a fun time during her session. I’ve posted an action shot from the 2011 spring season, as well as some of Taylor’s senior pictures and storyboard.




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Loren – Photo Session

When I’m not out on the field photographing varsity sports or shooting the next group of seniors, I like to shoot with models. Whether it’s an experienced model or someone new to modeling looking to start their portfolio, it’s always a lot of fun. We get to try different concepts and some of the outfits/shoes are really great.

Here is an image from a recent photo session with Loren. We had a lot of fun during her studio session. For the cool effect in her eyes, I used a ring light. More photos of Loren will be posted in her own Facebook gallery on my profile page.

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Megan – Kempsville ’12

The following photos are from Megan’s photo session. Megan, a senior at Kempsville, was great to work with. She was so funny and we had a blast with her and her mom. It was a hot day and the bugs were driving us crazy, but we were able to capture some great images. Don’t forget to watch her music video at the bottom of the post to see more photos from her session.

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you about Megan’s senior session.

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