Sunsets & Seniors

Since we are surrounded by beautiful beaches everywhere in the Hampton Roads area; many of our seniors want to have their senior sessions taken at the beach. Our favorite beaches for photographing seniors & models are on the Chesapeake Bay. Weather permitting, we get a beautiful sunset every night and the sun makes a great backdrop as well. I posted a photo below of a senior session from Tuesday. There were clouds in the sky, but we still captured some great images and Taylor had a lot of fun.

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Amanda – Ocean Lakes ’12

Get to know my senior models. Today’s senior is Amanda, a senior from Ocean Lakes HS . . .
After our studio session with Amanda, we knew we’d have a blast during our outside session and we were right. She was so much fun Continue Reading →

Ally – Hickory ’12

Get to know my senior models. Today’s senior is Ally . . .
I first had the opportunity to photograph Ally during Hickory’s powder puff game. The game was great and everyone had a fun time. During Ally’s senior session, she was accompanied by her sister (Taylor) and her mom and dad. We had a blast during her session and it continued on into her studio session. The Smiley family was phenomenal and Penny and I were glad to have met them. The music video at the end of the post has more photos & video from Ally’s senior session. Continue Reading →

Bryce – Kellam ’12

Get to know my senior models. Today’s senior is Bryce . . .
After seeing the photos and finding more about Bryce, don’t forget to watch her music video at the end of the post.

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