Wave of Relief: Surfing Contest

Posted on April 23, 2011

I was dropping off some canned goods at Juice Box Surf, at 16th St & Pacific, and I found out about the “Wave of Relief” surfing contest on April 23. 100% of the registration money was being dontated to the Red Cross’ disaster relief in Japan. I’ve photographed many sports, but not surfing, so I thought I’d go and give it a try.

It was cloudy most of the day, but it was a lot warmer than the previous day. Since it was my first time at a surfing event, I didn’t know the procedure, but I soon figured it out. I liked the differences in style between the short & long board events. Despite the clouds and occasional sun, there were plenty of opportunites for pictures. A few more nicer sets wouldn’t have hurt.

Thanks to Surf and Adventure, Juice Box Surf and all the other sponsors, surfers and spectators for helping the Red Cross and having fun at the same time. I think I need a little more practice in order to anticipate the movements of the surfers, but it was fun and I enjoyed the experience. I’ve posted a few photos from the event below.


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