Erica – Hickory ’11

Posted on June 4, 2010

Erica is my first senior from the Class of 2011, as well as my first senior from Hickory.

We had a fun, but long day as we started our session in Chesapeake and ended it at sunset in Virginia Beach. We had a blast working Erica and her mom and we created some great images.

Don’t forget to watch the music video at the end of the post and leave a comment or two. Thanks!

my school: Hickory High School

my nickname/what my friends call me: Rica


my favorite beverage:McDonald’s sweet tea

my favorite websites are: Facebook


my current favorite song is: I don’t have one . I like so many songs

the person I would like to meet: Ashton Kutcher / Megan Fox


the magazines that I secretly love are: Wedding magazines i love to look at the wild and crazy dresses

the last meal I made was: A roast beef sandwich


my biggest accomplishment in high school so far: Making a 100 on a Spanish quiz and making a B on a Spanish test. O yeah!

my dream job is: Registered Nurse


an unusual talent that I have is: I can impersonate Stitch off Lilo and Stitch.

my favorite things in my closet are: My long jeans with holes are my absolute favorite and my flip flops


the 2 most important things in a great friendship: Goofiness and trust

in 10 years I see myself: hopefully working on a helicopter or a hospital


i’m excited about having my senior portraits done by dan trevino because (shameless plug): He is fun to work with and he isn’t awkward . He showed me how to do poses. He does an amazing job.

if I were on a deserted island, the 2 things I would want with me are: My Friend Angela and food of course


i’m most nervous about my senior year because: Passing all those hard classes

the top 3 things i’m looking forward to for my senior year are: Prom, Graduating, playing against Angela in the powder puff next year


my most embarrassing moment: Tripping in the middle of the cafeteria in front of everyone .

senior year is such a big deal because: Its my last year which means i have to do good no matter what

3 things no one knows about me: I hate to swim at night, I’m terrified of wasps and bees , and I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood)


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