20×20 Collage

This is a sample of a 20×20 collage. The print is mounted on 2mm styrene to keep it flat. It has also been texturized. The linen texture prevents fingerprints from showing on the print.

Caleb, a 2010 senior from Atlantic Shores, is the senior pictured in the collage.



Lizzy, a 2010 senior, is my first senior from Cape Henry Academy. Tyler and I met Lizzy and her aunt at the old Duck Inn Restaurant. This is one of my favorite places to shoot. It offers a little bit of everything at one location. She brought a bunch of different outfits and we tried to get them all in during the shoot.

We had a lot of fun during the session and captured some great shots. Take a look at a few of them below. There are some additional photos in my facebook galleries. Don’t forget to watch her video slideshow and leave a comment. Thanks for visiting.



In what appears to be a growing trend, Shelby is a another 2010 senior who I first photographed on the athletic playing field (the softball diamond). We met Shelby, who plays 2nd base for the Lady Titans of Lake Taylor, and her mom and drove to Shore Dr. We stopped at the former Duck Inn to shoot underneath the old gazebo thingy that is the only thing standing. We captured some great shots. Afterward, we travelled down the road a bit to First Landing State Park and finished the session. We had a really fun session and we were laughing a lot. Shelby’s mom was great. We lost the light and decided to finish in a few weeks with some city shots.

Check out a few of the photos and be sure to watch the highlight video at the bottom of the post. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.



Erin, a 2010 senior from Kempsville, wanted to have her photo session at the beach. Upon arriving at 47th street, we discovered that a wedding was getting ready to take place. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided to head up to Shore Dr. and shoot where the Duck Inn Restaurant used to be.

Tyler and I had a great time with Erin and her mom & dad. Since the sun was still a little high in the sky, we shot some under the bridge and the old gazebo. It was a lot of fun and we created some outstanding images.

I’ve posted some of the photos below and be sure to check the video slideshow. Feel free to leave some comments and let me know your thoughts.


Sneak Peek: Alexa, Elizabeth & Julie

Here’s a sneak peek from a recent session. We went to Sandbridge for the shoot. Enjoy the quick look and check back for more photos.



I took a few of Leslie’s favorite images from her photo session and used them to create this 10×20 storyboard. It is mounted on 2mm styrene and has a linen finish. The styrene keeps it flat and the finish helps keep fingerprints of the print. I order all my wall prints like this. When I frame the print, I don’t have to worry about any glare because I don’t use the glass.



I’ve been out on location shooting so much lately, I’ve fallen a little behind in my blog posts. I usually post a few sneak peeks on facebook & myspace within a day or two of the session (FB & Myspace pages can be found under the ‘links’ button). Once I’ve processed the photos and created the video, then I’ll post about that particular shoot.

We had a great shoot with Rachel around the downtown Norfolk area. After starting out around Harbor Park, we headed towards Town Point Park. As always, we started walking and found a few awesome new spots. We had a blast with Rachel, a 2010 senior from Kempsville High School, and her mom. Rachel is a cheerleader and track athlete. She also cheers with FAME. It was fun talking with her mom about the contrasts I was trying to create between Rachel’s various outfits and the urban, edgy look of downtown. We did have the strange smells around the water taxi area, so we didn’t stay there long. We had a good laugh as Rachel’s mom was joking about her finding a place to change around the Half Moone Cruise Center. We finished up at the pier near Nauticus as the sun was going down.

We had a great time and a lot of laughs during the shoot and created some outstanding images. Be sure to check out her video slideshow at the bottom of the post. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy.